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Referees' Referee Award

Since 2007, the Association's active referees have voted on a 3, 2, 1 basis to determine who they believe is the Referees' Referee. The award recognises a member who is a leader both on and off the field. Aspects such as on-field performance, participation at training, leadership and the referee's demeanour culminate in the determination of the Referees' Referee. Current NRL member Zbigniew Przeklasa-Adamski was the inaugural recipient of the award in 2007. This award is considered as a most prestigious award with the winner having the satisfaction of being voted as a worthy recipient by his or her peers. To be recognised by your peers is one of the most satisfactory honours to be bestowed on an active referee. The award has two members in Daniel Luttringer and Jason Ndeira that have won the award on three occasions, following Jason receiving the award for 2016.


2017 Recipient
The 2017 recipient of the “Ref’s Ref” is Ben McMurray. This is the first time that Ben has won the award after going very close on numerous occasions during the past few years. Ben had an outstanding season in the Junior Reps Squad this season and brought his high quality performances back to the district where he refereed most of the season in the A Grade competition. He had a very strong Finals Series in Senior Football and was rewarded with a C1’s Grand Final appointment as a referee. Ben’s good qualities are not just restricted to on-field performances. His off-field demeanour, willingness to help his fellow referees and dedication to his training have made him a true leader amongst the active group of referees. He is undoubtedly one of the most likeable people around and always takes time to help others in their refereeing when required. There is no doubt that these qualities will help him to see much greater success in his career. Congratulations Ben on being recognised by your peers.

Honour Roll

2017    Ben McMurray
2016    Jason Ndeira

2015    Daniel Luttringer
2015    Daniel Luttringer
2014    Daniel Luttringer
2013    Jason Ndeira
2012    Jason Ndeira
2011    Matthew Devos
2010    Jake Peters-McDonald

2009    Barry Cummins
2009    Zbigniew Przeklasa-Adamski