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Ten Reasons to take up refereeing

Make new friends

Refereeing is a great way of meeting new people interested in Rugby League. You will meet great mates that will last for years.

Keeping fit and active

Refereeing is a great way to keep fit and active. It doesn't matter how fit you are now, we have some of the best trainers who bring the best out of our members.

Build your confidence

Parramatta Referees take pride in our training and education, and will give you the tools to make the right decisions. Refereeing will provide the confidence you will use in life.

Learn more about the game

Have you sat at home watching NRL and wonder why decisions are made? As a referee, you will learn the rules and get a better understanding of our game.

Doing something for the community

Parramatta Referees provides accredited refs for every age group in the district. As a referee, you are helping the future of the NRL, and the future of our kids.

Be a part of the game

You don't need to have kids or play to be a part of the game. Refereeing puts you in the middle of the field and makes you the most important person on the field.

Make it to the NRL

You don't need to play to make it to the big time. With hard work and dedication, you can make it to the big time. Our association is where former #1 referee Bill Harrigan and current NRL referees - Alan Shortall, Ashley Klein, Gavin Reynolds and Gerard Sutton; NRL touch judges - Paul Holland and Daniel Eastwood; and NRL officials - Max Dunn, Joe Paolini, Chris Ward and Pat Reynolds started.

Anyone can be a referee

It doesn't matter how fit you are, how old you are or whether you're male or female, refereeing is open to anyone over 14 who has a good attitude and patient demeanor.

Great support and cameraderie

Parramatta Referees have some great support initiatives to make sure that when you are out there, you're not alone. We have great coaching and a buddy program to help you along the way.

Earn a little extra money

Locally, every game you referee will be paid and payments are made bi-monthly or annually. NRL level referees can be paid up to $150,000 per season.

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